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Wolf Paranormal Investigations was officially founded in December of 2008, after Holly (WPI's founder) had spent several weeks documenting unexplained events occurring in her home.

"When I began documenting the events taking place in my home and sharing them with friends in the paranormal field, it was suggested to me that I form my own team. I agreed with this; if I could help others who have been experiencing similar events, then it seemed to me that I was obligated to try to help them."

On December 18, 2008, Wolf Paranormal Investigations was born, and has been going strong ever since.
Our main goal is to help clients take back their homes, businesses, and lives, but we also seek to gather credible evidence to contribute to the paranormal field. We believe that continued study and research into paranormal events will help us gain more understanding about the mystery of life after death, and all that it entails.

When we do investigations, we do the very best we can to help our clients in any way we can. This includes, but is not limited to, helping them cope with the emotional impact of what they are experiencing. We understand that unexplained activity can be very frightening and upsetting, and we do our very best to help ease the stress and fear such activity often creates. No member of the WPI team will ever behave disrespectfully towards a client; we are very strict about maintaining an attitude of respect and compassion at all times for the client, their family, and their property.

We take our work very seriously. No evidence is shared publicly without the written permission of our clients. Upon completing our investigation, we review everything we have recorded on video and with our voice recorders, and then we meet with the client(s) and share our findings with them. If we feel further assistance is required, we will make arrangements to return and/or enlist outside help from those experienced with the type of situation we are dealing with. Our philosophy is, if we can't do it, we will find someone who can, as quickly as possible.
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