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If you feel your home or business may be experiencing paranormal activity and would like us to do an investigation. Please fill out the Investigation Request Form  and a team member will contact you shortly. We ask that you please start a journal recording any and all occurrences with date, time and circumstances.
If you feel you have something to offer the team and would like to become a member of WPI. Please fill out the Membership Application    and you will be contacted after your application has been reviewed. 
                 General inquiries can be made to mail@wolfparanormal.com
The Investigation Process
1) Upon review of your application you will be contacted by email or phone to further discuss your case and arrange a time for a preliminary investigation .
A preliminary investigation allows us to take our comparison photos, obtain our baseline EMF readings and view and record any outdoor or environmental interferences (powerlines, traffic, running water)
We prefer to do preliminary investigations during daylight hours and preceeding the actual investigation date. This allows us time to do additional research and offer you our findings for possible explainable occurrences, provide you with links to additional information regarding the issue and provide you with our recommendations. In some cases (out of town or emergency cases) preliminary investigations can be done on the same day as the actual investigation date.

*note: If you prefer not to contacted by phone please note this in the additional comments box on the Investigation Request form.

2) A date and time will be set for the actual investigation. This is when we will use our equipment to try to document and record evidence to support the paranormal claims. A explanation of the investigation process will be provided to you at this time and any questions you may have regarding the investigation will be answered.

3) After we analize the evidence you will be contacted to set up a time and date for review with us. We will also discuss our recommendations and explore the options available.

*note: No evidence, names, locations, photos or video will be released for public viewing without your consent.

4) Private residence follow up investigations will only occur at the request of the homeowner/business owner.

The health, safety and well being of you and your family are paramount to us and our advice, suggestions and recommendations are given with this in mind.

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The Membership Application Process
1) Application will be reviewed and you will be contacted via the email address provided to set up an interview with lead investigators.
*note: All initial interviews will be held in a public location

2) You will be sent an email informing you of our decision. If accepted you may be asked to perform certain tasks (research, video editing, audio review etc.) to ascertain your special niche, if one has not been previously decided on.

3) A training investigation will be booked to further evaluate your skills and techniques.

*note: Not all members need to be field investigators, if you find this is not an area you are comfortable with.
All donations to WPI are greatly appreciated!
 All proceeds go towards furthering our education and/or equipment in the paranormal field
WPI does not charge for our services. All of our expenses are out of pocket, including travel, accommodation, and equipment expenses. However, we will request assistance with travel expenses and accommodations in cases where distance is a factor. Donations are always appreciated and welcomed.
If you wish to contact a 
Lead Investigator personally
Holly   (Calgary Chapter)
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To utilize the unique services of our ghost-detection dog, Glimmer,
please contact k9ghostdetection@gmail.com