Electrostatic air filters work by charging the dust particles in the air which is supposed to attract them to metal plates in the machine. The trouble is these charged dust particles are also attracted to all the surfaces of your home, causing what's called "deposition," black markings on the walls, floors, ceilings and furniture. Diligent maintenance is required to keep the filters clean and the unit working properly. Improper working units can also cause high EMF fields and as these units are attached to your furnace and usually located in close proximity to electrical panels and hot water tanks this can cause "fear cages" to be established.
Explaining what you thought you saw
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We at Wolf Paranormal feel that most "paranormal" events can be explained and/or debunked 98% of the time...it's the other 2% that keeps us going. We try to find a conceivable or possible explanation for what is occurring and provide our clients with the appropriate links needed to make informed decisions with regards to the events taking place.
We do not suggest these explanations are what is occurring, but a possibility.
Only by eliminating all other possibilities do you get the paranormal.
Many times we find that by empowering our clients with knowledge, insights, information and possibilities to what is occurring  greatly eases their mind and helps to "banish" some of the events that are occurring. 
We always offer our information and make our suggestions with the health, safety and well being of the client and their loved ones first and foremost in our minds. 
Every case is a learning experience for us and on this page we would like to offer a few of the things we have learned so far, and invite the paranormal community to comment on any "tricks" they have learned. Please check out  UPhO's for additional photos and EVP's, some of which have been debunked and others which have not. 
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Exposure to high EMF can cause a multitude of physical and mental symptoms in people. They can experience symptoms such as, nausea, skin irritations, paranoia, headache, and the feeling of being watched. Those especially vulnerable are children and those who are hypersensitive to EMF. We are very diligent in looking for increased EMF fields when doing our investigations and the correlation of these areas with the paranormal activity occurring.

"Fear Cages" (areas where there is an abnormally high EMF field in a room or section of a house or building) are often given extra attention by Wolf Paranormal. Both from the health and safety aspect as well as from the paranormal point of view. The theory is that paranormal entities draw energy from around them to manifest, that would make a fear cage ideal. We donít write off the area because of high EMF readings but we must take this into consideration as a possible cause for the activities the client is experiencing.
This is one area where we often make suggestions to our clients with regards to minimizing their exposure.

High EMF Exposure

Carbon Monoxide exposure can have many of the same symptoms as high EMF exposure . One of the carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms is an unexplained sense of a presence or that
something is watching. Many buildings where paranormal activity has been reported have been found to have carbon monoxide leaks - usually from cracks/partial blockages in old chimneys and faulty boilers. Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but, being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and initially non-irritating, it is very difficult for people to detect and because of this fact we always suggest carbon monoxide detectors be employed in the house.

Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Electrostatic Air Filters


Flies appearing in abundance, especially during the winter months, can often be alarming for many clients as many feel this is a confirmation of a negative entity or presence. These flies seem to appear out of nowhere and often die off fairly quickly. Calgary is prone to winter events referred to as "Chinooks" where temperatures can increase significantly in a 24 hour period causing the flies to be fooled out of hibernation. There are 3 main flies that can overwinter in your home with the cluster fly being most prominent.

Tripping, pushing

One of the tools Wolf Paranormal uses when dealing with this type of activity is a woodworkers level. A level is used to determine whether an object is level (perfectly horizontal) or plumb (perfectly vertical). In a pinch a marble will also work, although you will not get the degree of the slant.

Human balance mechanisms allow us to maintain a positional equilibrium by
coordinating internal and external forces on the body. Having one stair on a staircase "different " from the rest, or a slant on the floor can cause a vertigo effect. Many studies suggest that balance control is strongly coupled to visual information and even though the tilt may not be substantial it may be enough to change our visual perception. This can result in the feeling of being tripped or pushed.
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Orbs are not usually given much credibility by Wolf Paranormal as there can be a multitude of circumstances which can cause such anomolies. Dust, pollen, water droplets, reflections or other foreign
material on the camera lens being the common causes. Orbs are especially common with compact or ultra-compact cameras, where the short distance between the lens and the built-in flash decreases the angle of light reflection to the lens, directly illuminating the aspect of the particles facing the lens and increasing the camera's ability to capture the light reflected off normally sub-visible particles
We also find that orbs are very common in photo's featuring babies, as the products and materials such as powders, wipes and clothing with soft fuzzy fibers lend themselves to producing these types of particles.

Orbs displaying unusual or illogical behavior, which are collaborated by additional paranormal activity (EMF spikes, temperature change, evp's ect.), or make it through our photo analysis do get a second evaluation.
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This page contains some of the research and tips we have come across while debunking.
 All the research we do in regards to debunking is given to our clients with additional information and website links related to the situation. We find this valuable in alleviating some of the fear and uncertainty our clients feel when dealing with events they cannot explain.

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Articles and blogs written by team members and others with regards to debunking criteria, beliefs and methods. Our hope here is to open conversation and share ideas between "skeptics" If you would like to share a comment or article please contact us with your submission.